Platforme de Recherche et d'Analyse en Sciences de l'Environnement



















Platform of Research and Analysis in environmental Sciences supplies a central air conditioned that provides a stable temperature all over the 1000 square meter. It is equipped with uninterrupted electricity to assure power supply for all instruments, a continuous refrigerated room, central vacuum and air compressed generators. In addition, wireless connexion and a central server for data storage are also available in the platform.

All rooms and laboratories inside the platform are secured with watching cameras, programmed cards and security codes. Eye washers, Chemical hoods, laminar flow hoods, biological safety cabinets allow working with security and maintain sterile environment during cell handling.


Programmed cards and security entry codes
Central Vacuum and Compressed Air, with secured gas connexions
Fire alarms and fire cabinets systems to protect all secured gas bombs
Data storage room with network facility, wireless connexion,
security cameras operating system, central phone system
Laminar flow hood
allowing sterile and safe handling during cell culture
Constant and uninterrupted power supply system
Ultra pure water supply,
Distilled water and deionizer water system for general use and experiences
Work station
Work station for visitors and master and Ph. D. Students
Structure of the platform and working rooms guide